The recommendation algorithm for Twitch raids.

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Growing your channel, community, and network
through intelligent raid recommendations

  1. Observe stream

    RaidPools will observe your channel to learn about your content and schedule.

    The algorithm refining your profile into a series of unique characteristics.
  2. Suggest raids

    Based on your content, viewer count, and schedule, RaidPools will calculate the best channel for your raid.

    The algorithm matching your profile to other profiles with similar characteristics.
  3. Pool communities

    RaidPools will direct viewers interested in similar content to your channel.

    The algorithm identifying similar profiles and pooling them into a community.
  4. Improve growth

    RaidPools ensures the right viewers discover your content, facilitating growth over time.

    A bar plot showing values that increase over time.

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RaidPools web app


RaidPools pattern. Four slanted geometric shapes that fit together to form a rectangle. Red on white.

Early test prototype. Limited functionality.